Respect Committee

Over the past several years there has been a clear national and social effort to try to change perceptions about those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Too often, individuals with IDD have been marginalized, segregated, and treated like second-class citizens. The formal removal of the term Mental Retardation from federal and state language has gone far, but the term and its associated negative stereotypes still permeates deeply within the healthcare community.

Making this issue even more tragic is that there exists great levels of health disparities to this group, including poor access, quality of care, lack of training, research, and reimbursement of healthcare services. We are beginning a national campaign in partnership with Special Olympics that will emulate the current Spread the Word to End the Word campaign but will have a focus towards our healthcare colleagues. Our effort will be about respect, values, and caring. We need your help. We are forming a core committee of those who wish to provide ideas, time, and support to this worthy initiative. We will hold serial telechats starting in early March to begin a dialogue and create a strategy and begin to really make a difference!

Seth Keller, MD


AADMD Statement on R-Word Usage

Read the AADMD's Statement on “R-word” Usage for Health Professionals


Additional Resources

The AADMD has created a powerpoint and document supporting ending the use of the R-word. You can download the powerpoint here and download the document here.

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