Executive Committee Members

To contact a member of the Executive Committee, email membership@aadmd.org.  In the subject line, type the subject of the email and the name of the member whom you wish to receive the email.

Name Title
David Fray, DDS, MBA President
Steve Sulkes, MD President Elect
Matthew Holder, MD, MBA Immediate Past President
Evan Spivack, DDS Vice President of Education
Alicia Bazzano, MD, PhD Vice President of Membership
Rick Rader, MD Vice President of Policy and Advocacy
Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS Secretary
Susan C. Danberg, OD, FCOVD Treasurer
Carl Tyler, MD At-Large
Abrahim Caroci, DMD At-Large
Lynne Taiclet, DMD At-Large
Sarah Usher, DMD At-Large
Allen Wong, DDS, EdD Parliamentarian
Steven Perlman, DDS, MScD Special Olympics Liaison
Seth Keller, MD NTG Liaison
John Hood, Jr. Chief Operating Officer
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