Emergency Healthcare in Adults with IDD: Management of Acute Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies Part 1

Title: Management of Acute Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies Part 1

Recorded: October 25, 2012

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) often have complex and fragile health issues which commonly result in the need for acute health interventions. The ability to provide accurate and safe health practices in an acute health emergency is often very challenging due to a number of circumstances including language barriers, miscommunication, lack of chronic disease data, as well as a lack of training by health professionals of the complexities of health issues in those with IDD. Health outcomes, quality of life, support staff and family burden as well as a significant economic strain could be alleviated by the creation of educational events and the development of standards of care practices.

Presenters: Lucille Esralew, Ph.D. Clinical Administrator SCCAT & S-COPE, Trinitas Regional Medical Center and Yona Lunsky, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry led the presentation.

This Webinar is appropriate for anyone who supports and cares for someone with IDD including self-advocates, families, DSP's, psychologists, therapists, support agencies, and healthcare providers.  

A brief Q & A followed the presentation and is included at the end of this archived webinar. 

Listeners will be able to identify: 

  • Common presenting issues (medical and behavioral) in the emergency department for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and differences between these two types of emergencies
  • Associated variables and outcomes for these two types of emergencies
  • Predictors of why some people with intellectual and developmental disabilities go to hospital when in crisis whereas others resolve it outside of hospital
  • How to advise people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who care for them to prepare for emergency visits and follow up after they occur

This webinar is accredited by the American Academy of Family Physicians for 1.25 hours of prescribed credit (recognized by the AMA as equivalent to Category 1.25 credits). After watching the recorded webinar and passing a quiz with a 7 out of 10 score or better a printable/downloadable certificate will be awarded.

The cost to watch this archived webinar is $10.

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