Emergency Healthcare in Adults with IDD: Emergency and Acute Management of Seizures Among Individuals with I/DD

Title: Emergency and Acute Management of Seizures Among Individuals with I/DD

Recorded: January 22, 2013

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) often have complex and fragile health issues which commonly result in the need for acute health interventions. The ability to provide accurate and safe health practices in an acute health emergency is often very challenging due to a number of circumstances including language barriers, miscommunication, lack of chronic disease data, as well as a lack of training by health professionals of the complexities of health issues in those with IDD. Health outcomes, quality of life, support staff and family burden as well as a significant economic strain could be alleviated by the creation of educational events and the development of standards of care practices.

Acute neurologic health complications are common in those with I/DD. Seizures, falls, head injuries, dizziness all can lead to serious consequences. This webinar will review each of these health challenges including how families, DSP's, and health professionals should approach these issues for care and management.

Presenters: Seth Keller, MD Immediate Past President AADMD and Developmental Neurologist and Renu Pokharna, MD Memorial Medical Center led the discussion.

This Webinar is appropriate for anyone who supports and cares for someone with IDD including self-advocates, families, DSP's, psychologists, therapists, support agencies, and healthcare providers.

A brief Q & A followed the presentation.

This webinar is accredited by the American Academy of Family Physicians for 1.25 hours of prescribed credit (recognized by the AMA as equivalent to Category 1 Credit) for those who attend this webinar live or view the archived version.

Listeners will be able to identify:

  • Indications for when individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and seizure disorders need emergency care
  • Information staff in the emergency department will need in order to assess and treat the seizures
  • Common treatments for seizures including diastat and the VNS magnet
  • How to advise people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who care for them to prepare for follow up care

The cost of this webinar is $10.

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