Mission Statement

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) was organized in 2002 to provide a forum for healthcare professionals who provide clinical care to people with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities (ND/ID). Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Vision Statement

A country in which, by comparison with the neurotypical population, there is parity of healthcare access and quality for people with neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities throughout the lifespan.

Scope of the Academy

In communities and states across the country, Americans with ND/ID are experiencing significant difficulty in gaining access to quality healthcare. As an organization whose purpose is to improve quality of care for all Americans with ND/ID, the most valuable contribution we can make is to contribute our expertise where it will have the most significant impact - the universities and healthcare centers where healthcare professionals are trained. Furthermore, we can enhance our contribution by working collaboratively with advocacy organizations and associations that serve our patients.

Declaration of Purpose

The AADMD is resolved:

  • To assist in reforming the current system of healthcare so that no person with a neurodevelopmental disorder is left without access to quality health services.
  • To prepare clinicians to face the unique challenges in caring for people with ND/ID.
  • To provide curriculum to newly established ND/ID training programs in professional schools across the nation.
  • To increase the body and quality of patient-centered research regarding those with ND/ID and to involve parents and caregivers in this process.
  • To create a forum in which healthcare professionals, families and caregivers may exchange experiences and ideas with regard to caring for patients with ND/ID.
  • To disseminate specialized information to families in language that is easy to understand.
  • To establish alliances between visionary advocacy and healthcare organizations for the primary purpose of achieving better healthcare.
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