Meet our Newest Member: John C. McGinley

For nine years I had the pleasure of being one of the co-stars of the award winning TV series, “Scrubs”. In my role of Dr. Perry Cox, an attending physician and later the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital I was able to influence and mentor the upcoming crop of interns and residents. "Scrubs" was noted for its slapstick, irreverent and surreal vignettes. We had a deep concern for the welfare of our patients while still being zany, belittling, harsh and cruel to each other.

In real life, my ideology concerning physicians and medicine has been most influenced by my son Max. Max was born with Down syndrome and as a result has experienced the full gambit of diverse physician attitudes, approaches and manners. He like everyone else responds best to being approached with respect, dignity and a sense that he matters.

The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry has become the epicenter for physicians and dentists who personify those qualities and beliefs. I would like to think that Dr. Cox would certainly have been an early member of the Academy.

I applaud the AADMD’s partnership with Special Olympics in their quest to encourage clinicians to open up their practices and experience both the challenges and rewards of caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As a father of a child with special healthcare needs I encourage physicians and dentists to go beyond “seeing” these patients in their offices and clinics. I encourage them to “being” with these patients in their offices and clinics. That is the way, the only way, that they can both improve their clinical acumen and embrace the reasons why they chose the healing professions in the first case.

Best regards,

John C.

John C. McGinley
(aka Dr. Perry Cox)

P.S. And yes the chest X ray featured at the end of the title sequence was hung backwards for most of the first five seasons.

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