Children in Rural Areas

in H. Barry Waldman DDS MPH PhD, Steven P. Perlman DDS MSCD, Articles, Education Articles

In this issue of the “Reviews and Reports,” Drs. Waldman and Perlman heighten our awareness of the unique challenges presented to individuals living in rural environments and also having a developmental disability. The old expression “out of sight, out of mind” certainly comes into play here. But there is hope; while limited, there are examples of attempts to remedy this situation (see As the authors reveal, a significant disparity exists between numbers requiring care and numbers of trained caregivers available. From these authors comes a “Call to Action."

Cementing with Confidence: Resiment

in Carlton Horbelt DDS, Articles, June 2008

Every dental practitioner wants to feel completely confident that any crown or bridge being seated will remain firmly in place. If an appliance comes loose or completely dislodged, it is a great inconvenience for the patient, the patient’s caregivers, and the dental office. In some cases, such an occurrence can even become a threat to the person’s health and well-being. This is especially true when treating patients with developmental disabilities.

President's Letter

in Henry Hood DMD, Articles, June 2008, President's Letter

At our upcoming meeting in Mashantucket, Connecticut, it will be my distinct honor to assume the responsibilities of the Presidency of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, to serve, and serve with the many friends and colleagues in this organization that I so respect and admire.

Fuji IX GP Extra: A Versatile Restorative Option For The Person with Special Needs

in Carlton Horbelt DDS, Articles, Volume 3 Issue 2

A few years ago, while I was attending an annual meeting of the Southern Association of Institutional Dentists, I heard about a new restorative material which had shown itself to be very useful in the provision of dental care to persons with developmental disabilities. That product was called GC Fuji IX GP, and after using it very successfully for several years, I was pleased to find out that GC America has recently updated and significantly improved this excellent restorative material.

A Fellow’s Forays

in Jeremy Hood DMD, Articles, Volume 3 Issue 2

Orange Grove Center. I have heard a lot of neat things about this place, but what is Orange Grove Center all about? Well, in a nutshell, it is a school, a habilitation center with medical, dental and therapy clinics, and a job site all wrapped in one.

President’s Letter

in Rick Rader MD, Articles, President's Letter, Volume 3 Issue 2

Even in its short history the legacy of the AADMD’s presidents has become formidable. First, Dr. Phil May brought us out of the shadows, and then Dr. Sandy Fenton provided the discipline and grooming that helped distinguish us from a rogue band of loose cannons (that’s not to say that the early guerilla days didn’t serve us well).

Improving Impression Efficiency and Comfort: Directed Flow Impression Trays By 3-M ESPE

in Carlton Horbelt DDS, Articles, Volume 3 Issue 1

One of the most challenging dental procedures to attempt on a person with developmental disabilities is the taking of impressions. This is true for any reasons which involve the person’s ability to comply and tolerate with many of the steps involved in the entire process. Some of these steps include having to try in several trays due to the variety of sizes available, the unpleasant odor associated with applying tray adhesive, placement of the filled tray in the patient’s mouth, and overflow of the impression material while you are waiting for it to fully set-up.

President's Letter

in Rick Rader MD, Articles, Fever, President's Letter, Sir William Osler, Volume 3 Issue 1

Sir William Osler, the great guru of both medical practice and medical education in the latter part of the 19th century spent a lot of time pondering fevers. “Humanity has but three great enemies; Fever, famine and war; of these by far the greatest, by far the most terrible, is fever.”

AADMD Members Receive Spirit of China Award

in Steven P. Perlman DDS MSCD, Articles, Volume 3 Issue 1

On October 3, 2007, in Shanghai, China, Special Olympics honored Dr. Paul Berman and I with its highest award, the Spirit of China Award for global leadership in promoting human dignity. Past recipients of this award include Nelson Mandela, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Deng Pufang, Nadia Comaneci, Yao Ming, Vanessa Williams, and Ray Lane. The event was televised throughout Asia as a television special with leaders of the Chinese entertainment industry performing. We cannot express how overwhelmed we were as we had no knowledge of our receiving it prior to the event.

Vice President’s Letter

in Philip May MD, Articles, Volume 3 Issue 1

The AADMD “Education Division” continues to focus on provision of educational initiatives which hopefully will have the effect of enhancing clinical skills of physicians and dentists regarding evaluation and management of those complex health conditions that frequently occur in our patients with developmental disabilities (or as I prefer, “neurodevelopmental disorders”).

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