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Webinar - Emergency Healthcare in Adults with IDD; An Introduction to the Issues and Challenges

in Seth M Keller MD, Info Blast, webinar

Emergency Healthcare in Adults with IDD; An Introduction to the Issues and Challenges.

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) often have complex and fragile health issues which commonly result in the need for acute health interventions. The ability to provide accurate and safe health practices in an acute health emergency is often very challenging due to a number of circumstances including language barriers, miscommunication, lack of chronic disease data, as well as a lack of training by health professionals of the complexities of health issues in those with IDD. Health outcomes, quality of life, support staff and family burden as well as a significant economic strain could be alleviated by the creation of educational events and the development of standards of care practices.

The AADMD in association with its partner organizations is offering a series of Webinars in which we will review the various challenges and issues too often encountered to those with IDD. Each Webinar will reveal personal stores by self advocates as well as a presentation and discussion by national and international leaders in the field who will offer suggestions and recommendation to help alleviate many of the health disparities which currently exist. A brief Q & A will follow each talk. The first presentation will be an introduction to the entire series. We will provide a broad outline and discussion of the various emergency healthcare challenges and issues that exist.

The Webinars are offered free of cost, and registration is required. Professional educational credits and participation credits will be available for future Webinars. These presentations would be of great interest to self advocates, advocates, health professionals, emergency care professionals, as well as to organizations and agencies that support those with IDD.

Future Emergency Healthcare Webinar presentations will be announced as they become available.

You can download a copy of Sarah Ailey and her students slides below.

Sarah Ailey 2-16-12 Webinar Slides.pdf1.37 MB
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