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Supporting Direct Support Professionals

in Rick Rader MD, Info Blast

AADMD INFO BLAST - For AADMD Members and Friends

The AADMD was the first healthcare organization to acknowledge and celebrate the role of the Direct Support Professional in the delivery of healthcare to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In terms of understanding them, advocating for them, supporting them and representing them the DSPs are often the lynchpin for the success of our treatment plans.

They are undervalued by society and unfortunately underpaid by society resulting in a crisis. Continuity of care is one of the most vital aspects of support in our population; and the turnover not only costs agencies thousands of dollars but the cost to the quality of life of the individuals is immeasurable.

I urge you to watch this video and sign petitions in your state to provide the legions of DSPs with realistic wages that reflect their position as honored professionals and as our colleagues.

Rick Rader, MD
VP for External Affairs

Link to the video:

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