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Related articles on ethics and disabilities from the JAMA Journal of Ethics

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Related articles on ethics and disabilities from the JAMA Journal of Ethics.

Rick Rader, MD
AADMD VP External Affairs

Is Proxy Consent for an Invasive Procedure on a Patient with Intellectual Disabilities Ethically Sufficient?

Commentaries by Stephen Corey, MD, and Peter Bulova, MD, and by Sonya Charles, PhD

How should potential benefits and harms of reproductive health care options be assessed for women with disabilities?

Considering Decision Making and Sexuality in Menstrual Suppression of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Commentary by Kruti Acharya, MD, and John D. Lantos, MD

Ethical approaches involve discussion with the teen and any decision must benefit the patient, not just the caregiver.

An Open Letter to Medical Students: Down Syndrome, Paradox, and Medicine

George Estreich

A parent calls clinicians to accept each patient on her own terms to try to mitigate historically and culturally entrenched misperceptions about the personhood of people with intellectual disabilities.

The Curriculum of Caring: Fostering Compassionate, Person-Centered Health Care

Kerry Boyd, MD

McMaster University’s person-centered care program changes how clinicians are trained to orient themselves affectively to patients with developmental disabilities.

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