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New Videos from The Special Hope Foundation

in Rick Rader MD, Info Blast

AADMD INFO BLAST - For AADMD Members and Friends

The Special Hope Foundation has recently produced two videos that are testimonies to the best practices in delivering health care to individuals with disabilities. They are excellent for training healthcare providers, students, office and clinic staff, therapists,educators, social workers, policy makers, families, individuals with disabilities, payors and advocates.

They are freely available to you as long as they are used to disseminate the mission and the vital message. We are grateful to those who participated in the creation and production of these two videos especially Melissa and Gabby. Long time AADMD colleague Dr. Clarissa Kripke has played an instrumental part in these videos and the AADMD offers its support and admiration for her ongoing advocacy work in the field of special needs healthcare.

Rick Rader, MD
AADMD VP External Affairs


To view the videos, click on the links below.

Melissa_Short Version-SD.mp4

Gabby short version-SD.mp4

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