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Dr. Jack Dillenberg appointed Advocacy Ambassador for the AADMD

in David Fray DDS MBA, Info Blast

AADMD INFO BLAST - For AADMD Members and Friends

Dr. Jack Dillenberg has accepted the position of Advocacy Ambassador for the AADMD.

This is an honorary recognition of Dr. Dillenberg’s years of service to the healthcare of persons with developmental disabilities through innovative education of health professionals to treat vulnerable patients. Additionally, this appointment will lead the AADMD to advocate for individuals we serve to improve their health and lives.

Dr. Jack Dillenberg is extra-ordinary innovative public health leader and educator over the past four decades. It is an honor for the AADMD to have his support and advocacy on vital issues of importance.

Dr. Dillenberg will guide AADMD to address two current critical issues that are priorities for AADMD.

  1. The designation as “medically underserved” by HRSA of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  2. The growing need to address the Zika virus with adequate surveillance, prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, educational and long term community living needs for persons affected.

We welcome the advocacy, support and leadership of Dr. Dillenberg and request all of our AADMD members to support in our local areas of influence the increase of quality and access of healthcare to persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

David Fray, DDS, MBA
President, AADMD

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