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AADMD Guidelines for Medical Immobilization and Procedural Stabilization

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Medical Immobilization and Procedural Stabilization (MIPS) is the application of protocols used to provide the clinician with the best scenario for a successful outcome of a clinical procedure that could not be completed with a patient that is unable or incapable of adhering to the recommendations provided by the clinician. Examples of these procedures include suturing, removal of foreign bodies, dental procedures, injections, venipuncture, examination of injuries etc.

The Use of Marijuana as a Therapy in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

in Rick Rader MD, AADMD Policy Statement

The AADMD's Committee on Public Policy and Advocacy has evaluated the existing research literature on the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of developmental or behavioral disorders. At this time The Committee endorses the conclusion provided in the journal article.

Medical Marijuana: Review of the Science and Implications for Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Practice

Hadland, Scott E. MD, MPH*,†; Knight, John R. MD*,‡; Harris, Sion K. PhD*,†,‡

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