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Special Hope Foundation Funds Next Phase of the NCIDM Project

in Matt Holder MD MBA, Articles, Special Hope Foundation

In 2009, the AADMD received a grant from the Walmart Foundation to develop the first nationally and internationally vetted residency and fellowship level curricula in the field of Developmental Medicine in the United States. Though this project, called the National Curriculum Initiative in Developmental Medicine (NCIDM) was completed in late 2011, it was really just the first step in the long process of standardizing and formalizing the field of Developmental Medicine.

In 2012, the Special Hope Foundation awarded the AADMD with a grant to continue the work begun by the NCIDM project. The funds from this project will be used to develop three major initiatives: 1) continuing the AADMD's webinar offerings (over 30 hours of CME will be offered this year online), 2) piloting the NCIDM curriculum at five primary care residency programs around the country (to begin in 2013), and 3) developing a new text book, based on the learning objectives of the NCIDM curriculum (to be published in 2013).

The AADMD is both honored and proud to be a partner of the Special Hope Foundation. Look for updates on these initiatives in upcoming AADMD Info Blasts.

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