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AADMD and Special Olympics need your expertise!

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Can you spare 30 minutes to guide health measurement in people with Intellectual Disabilities?

How can we best measure health improvements in people with intellectual disabilities? You can help us to answer this question.

Since 1997, Special Olympics has provided a variety of free health programs to Special Olympics athletes worldwide. In 2016 they launched a new health strategy; designed to promote inclusive health for all people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and give them equitable access to quality health care.

Professor Roy McConkey and Dr. Laurence Taggart from Ulster University are working as consultants for Special Olympics to determine key individual and systems-level health outcomes that will be used to demonstrate the impact of this strategy. In collaboration with a board of advisors and key stakeholders, a list of possible individual and systems-level indicators has been developed. You are invited to take part in an adapted Delphi study in which participants will rate potential health indicators in terms of their relevance to health improvement for persons with ID and on the feasibility of their implementation.

You are receiving an invitation to take part because of your experience and expertise as a clinician, researcher or teacher. Please join us – it should take no more than 30 minutes of your time. You can respond online or via email. You do not have to give your name.

All participants will receive feedback on ratings given by the other Panel members and the first to know the measures that are prioritized as part of this this study.

Click on the link to obtain further information and to take part in the study (for this link to work you need to connected to the Internet).

Special Olympics Health Indicators Project

Or send an email to

Many thanks for considering our request.

Emeritus Professor Roy McConkey, OBE, PhD
Phone: +44 28 90 852537
Skype: roy.mcconkey

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