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http://aadmd.org/sites/default/files/abstracts-17c-Sept_17.pdfHCBS 'Setting' Rule Documents and Dementia/Intellectual Disability

Questions have arisen over interpretations of the Home and Community-Based Settings rule and its application to small dementia-capable group home settings.  The NTG has provided this listing of CMS and related issuances so as to provide a resource to States and providers on this topic. 

FAQs concerning Medicaid Beneficiaries in Home and Community-Based Settings who Exhibit Unsafe Wandering or Exit-Seeking Behavior (December 15, 2016 )

How Will the HCBS Settings Rule Impact New Construction of Assisted Living and Adult Day?  (April 13, 2016)

NASUAD Document on Medicaid HCBS Settings Regulations and Adult Service     (April 2015)

Noah Homes Conversion with Ralph Lollar (CMS)  (March 14, 2016)

Federal Register - HCBS Community-Based Setting Rules  (January 16, 2014)

NAPA Implications for State Services

Powerpoint presentations at the 2016 Annual Conference of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services in Arlington, Virginia (November 10).  Includes presentation on the NTG and impact of dementia within states as well as report on findings on Alzheimer's and dementia based on data in the National Core Indicators-AD study.


NTG Miscellaneous Resource Materials

The NTG has FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions] and a promotional brochure that promote awareness of dementia and of the activities of the NTG. Also NTG's members helped create informational materials that are being distributed by other organizations.  These materials include:

•    Living with Dementia  [Down Syndrome Scotland]

•    What is Dementia [Down Syndrome Scotland]

•    Aging and Down Syndrome: A Health & Wellbeing Guidebook (NDSS)

•    Dementia Care Themes (CARF)

•    CARF Connection: Improving Service Quality and Supports

•    Keeping Talking About Dementia [Down Syndrome Scotland]

Several of the NTG's principals were involved with the production educational videos (running about 20 minutes each) on aging and developmental disabilities and aging and dementia, as well as conference lectures, which have been posted on YouTube.  They can be accessed via the links below:

Dementia and People With Intellectual Disabilities: http://youtu.be/wrKLURsAy6Y

When People With Developmental Disabilities Age: http://youtu.be/MEtkmI2xEG8th

Down Syndrome and Dementia (Oak Grove Center) [5 min]: http://youtu.be/Clbg_j2o7tk

A Caregiver's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease  (NTG - Mary Hogan, MAT]:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVA02p-Jhj0


The following are links to documents that may also be of use to NTG members:

  1. NIH State-of-the-Science Conference on Preventing Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline
  2. Working Resources List on Dementia Care Management and Intellectual Disabilities
  3. Consensus statement of the AAGP, AA and AGS, "Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders"
  4. Practice guidelines for the clinical assessment and care management of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias among adults with intellectual disabilities
  5. NTG Project Overview
  6. Dementia: Screening, Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management
    1. Part A
    2. Part B
  7. Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid- b Links Lens and Brain Pathology in Down Syndrome
  8. Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease by the Down Syndrome Australia Network
  9. WHO World Dementia Report
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